With nearly half of adult Americans experiencing a clinical mental health issue over the past year, it’s clear we need innovative and effective mental health resources to reach people in need. But providing mental health solutions goes far beyond just checking a box, it is paramount to communicate the importance of providing proven mental health care to peers and senior leaders. 

In our session at The Conference Board: Communicating Total Rewards Conference, you will hear from renowned mental health equity scholar Dr. Juliette McClendon on creating equitable mental health programs that reach everyone in need, peers, and senior leadership. Johns Hopkins associate professor and health economics researcher Dr. Michael Darden will also break down an in-depth ROI model built for a Fortune 50 employer to explain how to best report cost savings to senior leadership. 

Dr. Darden & Dr. McClendon sheds light on the following topics:

  • Communicating how mental health care impacts healthcare costs
  • The connection between the overmedication dilemma and rising costs 
  • How to identify gaps in your strategy to significantly lower healthcare costs
  • Expand access to mental health care by effectively aligning incentives and reaching employees during the moment that matters

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