Last summer we wrote about systemic racism and specifically anti-Blackness in the US and made a commitment to fighting racial injustice internally and externally. Once again we find it important to make a clear and public statement that we stand against racism affecting all communities. The recent anti-Asian violence and hate crimes have been frightening and tragic, and these acts are driven not just by the current climate, but by centuries of persistent and pervasive white supremacy which is the root cause of racism and xenophobia toward people of Asian descent. To the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) members of our team and community — we acknowledge your pain and stand with you in the fight to #StopAsianHate and dismantle white supremacy.

While we continue to do our own internal work toward dismantling racist systems that permeate everyday business and organizational activities, in light of the recent events, we’re taking several actions to more specifically support the AAPI community.  

We’ve launched a company fundraising drive to support StopAAPIHate with matching contributions with a goal to raise $3,000.

We’ve provided paid time off of work for employees to volunteer with community organizations offering safety escort for elderly AAPI to medical and personal appointments (e.g., Chinatown Safety Patrol and Compassion in Oakland).

We’ve encouraged all employees to partake in training on bystander intervention with HollaBack.

These are just a few small, first steps. We will keep listening to our AAPI teammates, friends, and family, and evolving our actions to better fight anti-Asian racism and violence over the long-term.

We must all act out and speak out against racism and hate crimes. Passivity and silence has perpetuated racist violence for too long.

Peter & Colin

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