Medical issues that led to stress and anxiety resulted in long-lasting sleep problems for Dylan Kruse. He had searched for years for a drug-free treatment to help with his sleep, so he was relieved when his company began offering Sleepio as a health benefit. Hear how Sleepio was able to help him overcome negative thoughts and improve his sleep.

Q1: When did you begin experiencing sleep issues?

A1 | Dylan: My sleep issues stemmed from stress, anxiety and depression I have dealt with in recent years due to medical issues. In 2017, I started having seizures. Ultimately, I ended up having to have brain surgery, which led to built-up anxiety/depression and the sleep issues that have persisted.

Q2: How did you get access to Sleepio?
A2 | Dylan: I recently started working for a large healthcare company and they offer Sleepio as one of their health benefits. I thought it was really cool that a company would offer an innovative treatment option for their employees, and I was relieved to see a drug-free option, so I immediately gave it a try.

Q3: Have you previously attempted to access treatment for your sleep problems?

A3 | Dylan: I’ve tried programs to help with my sleep issues in the past, but none compared to Sleepio. I have been prescribed opioids previously due to medical issues and while they were necessary at the time, I knew I wanted to try a drug-free option to treat my sleep issues. I had previously paid for another program and Sleepio was more helpful so it’s great that I was able to access this for free through work. I’ve found that other programs are more educational while Sleepio is more practical, and you are actually able to apply the lessons learned.

Q4: How was your experience using Sleepio?

A4 | Dylan: I think Sleepio is an awesome program. One of the most helpful techniques I learned was how to reframe your thinking around sleep – previously, I would stay up at night thinking about everything that could potentially go wrong. Now, thanks to Sleepio, I have a designated time before bed to journal and release those negative thoughts so that they don’t impact my sleep. It also teaches you to know what to do when negative thoughts start, which has helped a lot.

Q5: How are you sleeping now?

A5 | Dylan: My sleep isn’t perfect, but it has definitely improved. I still have bad nights, but Sleepio has helped me to get back on track when that happens. Simple techniques that Sleepio taught me, such as journaling before bed, have really helped. I would recommend Sleepio to anyone that struggles with poor sleep.

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