Cultivating equitable mental health in the workplace can feel like an insurmountable challenge. But most big transformations come from the hundreds of small steps we take along the way. Mental health equity is no different.

“Beyond in-person therapy, there are digital options that can reach communities of color in a more discrete, destigmatized, and consistent manner. Research has shown that 55% of patients prefer digital tools, but to reach and effectively support people of color, important solutions like digital therapeutics need to be built on the foundation of culturally sensitive frameworks and be clinically proven through research”

Dr. Juliette McClendon — Big Health’s Director of Medical Affairs

This report demystifies what mental health equity means, the important role employers have in foster it, and practical (small) steps to do so.

Key learnings: 

  • The difference between equity and equality
  • Distinct ways mental health care disparities show up for marginalized populations
  • Why these inequities exist 
  • The role employers can play in dismantling deep-seated inequities

A peek inside: 

Download the report

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